The Door of Opportunity

How refreshing would it be go walk into a public school and ask to share the Gospel with the children and the principal says, "Sure, can you teach now?"  This is a possibility in the Caribbean. In the Bahamas, we were able to share a Bible lesson in the school assembly. The Principal strongly encouraged us to give an invitation and to ask the children for a response!
In Belize, even non-believing teachers begged us to come and share with the children. Little fingers poked through the school fence and sweet voices called to us and said "Miss, Miss when will you come and tell us about Jesus?"  A large team of CEF workers and volunteers were brought to tears by the thirst the little ones had for Jesus in Jamaica.

CEF Instructors of Teachers Needed

If you are an credentialed IOT or LTI, and would like to help us train teachers in the Caribbean, we would love to hear from you.

Short Term Missions

Many of our country leaders would welcome CEF trained teams to help them reach the boys and girls for Jesus. Possible countries would include, Guyana, Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica, Belize, Bahamas, St. Lucia and St. Vincent.

Committee Development

If you have been on a strong CEF committee and have a heart for helping new committees and developing boards, we could use your talents. Many of our boards are small and need a mentor. Would you be the person to help?

Prayer Partners

We desparately need commited prayer partners. Would you be willing to start a CEF prayer band or incorporate the needs of our region into your chuch prayer groups? We can accomplish nothing lasting without the Lord.

Target Country Volunteers

Are you retired from CEF or approaching retirement? Would you be willing to help us pioneer a ministry on a Caribbean Island? We have a big job ahead of us in that we need to open 11 countries for CEF by 2017. Having a full-time CEF worker on the ground to promote and develop a CEF ministry would be a huge blessing. The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.

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