Eager for Training

People were Hungry for Training

Saturday morning it was pouring down rain and the streets were flooded. The scheduled driver was very late picking up the team and when they finally arrived at the church, people were standing outside because the church was locked. The person who was to unlock was not able to get there. The team wondered what to do because people kept coming for the training but there was no place to go. They decided they would just do the training in the hallway right next to the street. People gathered on the steps and also lined both sides of the hallway. A vendor’s table was used for teaching materials and about ten chairs were borrowed from various shops on the street for older people to sit on. Some traded off sitting and standing. Eighty-five people were crammed in the hallway and up the stairs! Most stood the entire three hours of training. No one left! That is how eager they were for training to reach the children!

Hungry for trg pic

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