Preschool Across Guyana

An Exciting Opportunity is Coming!

Are you looking for an “out of the box” ministry experience? Do you love working with preschool children? If your answer is “yes”, you might be interested in an exciting new opportunity!

Preschools are a wide open mission field and preschoolers CAN know God. But sadly, they are often overlooked or ignored because many feel they are too young.

The North America/Caribbean Region with the country of Guyana is launching a Preschool Across Guyana with a goal of establishing 10 preschool Good News Clubs in each of the 9 local areas. That’s right! The goal is 90 preschool clubs! How can you be involved?

We are in need of 10 CEF credentialed preschool instructors willing to conduct 8 hours of preschool training. We also need 10 preschool trained people to demonstrate a club so that those trained can see a preschool club in action.

This event is taking place Sept. 30 - October 8, 2017. If you are interested you can apply online by clicking here.

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