Regional Conference 2018!

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The North America/Caribbean Regional Conference is coming April 23-27, 2018! It is located at the Jackson Point Conference Center in Ontario, Canada and is being hosted by CEF of Ontario.

We would like to invite you, your staff, board or committee members and your teachers to this special conference. The theme is Children with Vision. We believe that the key to reaching the children in each of our countries is to reach the children throughout the country with the good news of Jesus Christ. The best way to reach many of the children is through children who have trusted in Christ. We will be considering this opportunity as we meet together for the 2018 regional conference.

You will not want to miss Rob Lukings, the Bible speaker each day. He has been acclaimed as a speaker that effectively reaches the heart of the listener. As you come, you can anticipate your heart being refreshed through the Word, workshops and fellowship with others that are doing just what you are doing throughout the region.

Some exciting workshops are planned. Geoff Weinstein will be sharing on communication. Those who have heard him have said that they went away wishing they could have had several more hours with him. Ron Tant, CEF USA Vice President will be sharing about building a solid ministry. Lorna Frickel will be sharing a plan for you to implement for helping children to reach their peers throughout your country. This is only the beginning of guiding a new generation in your country to honor the Lord. You will not want to miss it!

You will want to register soon in order to take advantage of the special pricing prior to February 15. After February 15, the price will be going up. This flyer gives the pricing before and after February 15. You will have several ways to pay for your registration—by check, credit card, or contacting our regional team to make another internal arrangement. If you are from Canada, you will be paying CEF of Ontario your registration fee. If you are from a country outside Canada, you will be paying the regional office.

Limited childcare will be available. Since we are anticipating very few children attending, childcare will only be available for two hours a day.

The flyer gives you an overview of the conference, the pricing, and how you can register for this exciting time together!

Please make sure all those working/volunteering in CEF in your country receive this information.

See you in April!

Click Here to Register Online Today to Attend the 2018 North American/Caribbean Regional Conference!

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