A Boots-On-The-Ground Report: Good News Across Belize

God is moving mightily… and government, schools, and churches are ready! There are several key components of this project, each with considerable costs, but we praise God for raising up friends who will help. 
Maybe God is calling you to help with: Team Housing
   1. We need housing for the team–nothing fancy, but clean and safe. As we work together to train new Child Evangelism workers, our team members have covered most of their own expenses, but a small portion is still outstanding.  
Maybe God is calling you to help with: Food & Transportation
   2. We are striving to keep food and transportation costs down. We initially thought in terms of three geographic areas, but demand for training is now leading us into four territories! $2700 for rental vehicles, gas, and additional drivers will help take the Gospel from one end of Belize to the other.
Maybe God is calling you to help with: Volunteer T-Shirts
   3. We would love to see every CEF worker in the country identified as they march into classrooms, Bibles in hand! $1350 will provide t-shirts (and boost team spirit) to 200 hundred Good News Club workers.
Maybe God is calling you to help with: Children’s Bibles & Curriculum
   4.  We are praying and working toward 70 Good News Clubs. Bibles and curriculum (including music and games) will cost $7900 + shipping. You can make the difference for one of these clubs, for an entire school year!
Maybe God is calling you to help with: Full-time National Workers in Belize
   5. So many national workers are totally dedicated to reaching the boys and girls for Jesus; but, they are struggling financially. We are teaching full-time workers and Good News Club Supervisors how to raise their own support. Your on-going or one-time gifts can help in the meantime. Three months of training and housing for a new National Worker at the Children’s Ministry Institute (USA): $3000 +airfare.
Maybe God is calling you to help with: Children’s Learning Incentives
   6. Children respond with such joy to simple rewards! Snacks, small toys, and even stickers can light up a small face. Don’t wait to help send an extra spark of love into every classroom for Christ.
All we can say is: Praise God! The country of Belize is so so ripe for the gospel in the schools. Today is the day we can all step into the role of a lifetime: Pray, Ask God, and Tell His People. Spread the word and light a fire while the opportunity’s at hand! We all know things can change at a moment’s notice… God forbid we Christians lose the moment when so much is at stake. Whatever you can give, God will be honored. And we thank you, in advance!


Donate now! Visit www.cefonline.com/donate and click on the “Training” button, then be sure to insert “Good News Across Belize – N000 0365” into the comment section (this is very important!). You can also share one of the above needs that you desire your gift to be applied towards.


Or, you can mail your gift to CEF, PO Box 348, Warrenton, MO 63383 — and write a similar note that says “Good News Across Belize – N000 0365” with any additional information you desire. Thank you in advance!

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