Petronella Farnum

Member Care Coordinator

Petronella Farnum (called Pet) became a volunteer with Child Evangelism Fellowship® in 1996 and a full-time staff member with CEF® Guyana, South America in 1997. Over the years she served CEF Guyana as a teacher trainer, instructor of teachers, administrator, club teacher and more.

In 2004, Pet was invited to train future CEF missionaries in Brazil. While there, she shared that God was putting a new direction in her heart and that she was praying and fasting seeking His clear guidance. God revealed His will during that time in Brazil and the regional director, Steve Groome, offered Pet the position of Caribbean Member Care Coordinator. She is now a member of a larger CEF regional team which covers Canada, the USA and the Caribbean for the ministry.

Pet has greatly impacted CEF missionaries and national workers throughout the Caribbean in particular. Member Care is a relatively new program instituted by many mission organizations. In the past, missionaries and national workers would “burn out”. They would often feel isolated, depressed, frustrated and would inevitably leave their ministry feeling a failure. Member Care representatives, like Pet, step into the missionaries’ lives and offer hope before they reach this point. Pet is responsible for praying for our workers, counseling with them, encouraging them through correspondence and making personal visits. She is faithful in her calling and has blessed us all.

Pet has been instrumental in developing member care programs in other areas of the Caribbean and is seeking national coordinators for each country. Recently she has been assisting CEF USA with their member care.