Spanish Community in Caribbean

Spanish Community

History from Spanish West Indies was former of Spanish colonies in the Caribbean islands. The Indies are designated for all overseas territories was overseen by Council of Indies. In 1535, The island of Caribbean were under jurisdiction of Viceroyalty of New Spain. Later the islands became Spanish West Indies of the voyages and expedition of Christopher Colombus in America. The lands get permanently colonized by Spanish, and due to familiarity and Spaniard gained, it got the most enduring part of Spanish American Empire.

Majority of sovereign state in Caribbean are speak Spanish. The island that claimed from Spanish West Indies or the Spanish Antilles are all we know as Caribbean sovereign state.

Nowadays the main political entity of Spanish are in Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela. The community are main part of major role to conserve Spanish culture, language, and history. As a football-loving country, they also really like a variety of activities from watching football and gambling. In gambling, they championed the Spanish football team in big events like the world cup or European cup. For some people in general, soccer gambling is a natural thing. Some agents such as SBOBET, HokiPanda, IBCBET, Mansion88, 188bet are a list of trusted football agents. Here are some example of Spanish communities in Caribbean

CELAC ( Community of Latin American and Caribbean States )

CELAC ( Comunidad des Estados LatinoAmericanos y Caribenos) is intergovernmental community mechanism for dialogue and political agreement. It’s regional forum under 33 countries in Latin America and Caribbean. CELAC aspire the voice, and structured decision making, policy decisions in political and cooperation. It also support regional integration programs, unity, carefully balancing of political purpose, economical, social, cultural diversity of Latin America and Caribbean.

CELAC also takes act as spokesman for the community with other countries and regional bloc. The forming countries of CELAC are all Caribbean Sovereign State, and some central American country.

LALCC ( Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Center )

LALCC main objective is to promotes and understanding also appreciation of history, social, and cultural life of Latin American and Caribbean societies. It’s based on educational purpose, based in Central Connecticut university in 1995. LALCC also protect diversity from student population.

Caribbean Sea Conservancy Forum


Caribbean sea is located between U.S, Mexican, South American and the Caribbean with numerous islands. It was named from Native American derives from caribs, one of native tribe. After Christopher Colombus landed in Bahamas in 1492, the Spanish term of Antillas apply to the land and sea called as Sea of Antilles. Later on it become commonly as Caribbean Sea.

Caribbean coral reefs is 9% of total covering of the world, It’s about 50.000 km2. Most of reefs are located in central of the sea, among them stands out Belize Barrier Reef with an area of 950 km2, which declared a World Heritage site in 1996. Great Mayan Reef also known as MBRS have area about 1.000 km2, the world second longest reef in coastal of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras.

In past ten years, Caribbean coral reefs were threatened. Because of climate change, temperature in the Caribbean were increase that makes living organism called zooxanthellae died. This organism is provided as food and nutrition for the coral itself. As humanity come place, we make community to preserve the coral. These are example for the Caribbean sea conservancy community / forum.

Ocean Conservancy

In 1971, International Whaling commission was meeting in Washington, D.C. inspired Bill to made the Delta Corporation, which later became Ocean Conservancy. Main challenge to protect ocean from global thread, and find solution with science-based.

UN Environment

UN Environment founded in the Caribbean Environment Programme in 1981. It purpose to recognition and find importance of the wider Caribbean sea region.

Adopted from Cartagena convention on march 1983. Cartagena convention is. It protect and develop of the marine environment with provide legal framework.

Main objective, Detect and control environment pollution, protect wild life, education, training, awareness, and communication.

The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy

It is non-profit conservancy. It founded in U.S in 1951. With millions of member, and scientist around the world, our mission is to conserve and balancing the nature of life.

Caribbean Music Culture

There are so many variety of music genre in Caribbean, from reggae, salsa, mombo, calypso, bachata, ska, Benna, Bari, Quimbe, Tumbe, Shanto, Compas, Meringue, Mizik rasin, Mento, Afro-caribbean.

Caribbean Music

Music from Caribbean is influenced from African, Indian, European, Indigenous influence. Mostly descendant from African slaves also contributed from community like Indo-Caribbean Music. It also related to style from Central American and South American.

We will explain most popular music in Caribbean.


Originated from Jamaica in late 60s. Reggae is a denote music style infused from jazz, mento, blues. Reggae bubbled to recognition of international music in 1972. Reggae also one of biggest music that spread through the world, it recognized in UNESCO as representative list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2018.


This music genre is come from Jamaica in late 50s. it was pioneer to rocksteady and reggae combine with element of Caribbean mento, calypso, American Jazz, Rhythm and blues. There are 2 type of ska, original ska from Jamaica, or ska from England. England ska is more fused with harder edge and punk rock.


Calypso is an Afro-Caribbean music that originated from Trinidad and Tobago in early mid 19th century. It spread through Antilles and Venezuela by mid 20th century. The music characterize by harmonic vocal, highly rhythmic.

Chante Mas

Chante mas or lapo kabrit is a form of carnival music of Dominican. Constructed as pre-calypso style of rhythm , chante mas usually perform in a responsorial by partygoers. Lyric are usually about gossip, scandal, innuendo. While lapo kabrit is accompaniment of chante mas performer, lapo kabrit usually chanting the music with bass.


Meringue is a music originated from Haiti in mid 1800s. Haitian Meringue is one of the oldest music in Caribbean and still surviving these days. It’s a symbol of national rhythm, fusion from slave music genres and French-Haitian. But meringue has lost popularity to konpa.

Caribbean Cigar Community

Cigar Caribbean

Caribbean cigar is one famous thing you may heard about Caribbean country. It usually handmade and has good quality control, it might be expensive and exclusive. But Caribbean cigar community main objective is to make sure of authenticity, maintain quality production, keeping history of each company, and protecting the cigar company.

Before we talk about cigar community, we all must know that cigar is mainly produced in Caribbean Cigar are made from tobacco leaf, fermented and dried with variety of size and shape, some include filter, wrapper leaf, or logo stamp printed. There are many variety of taste, depend on personal taste.

Caribbean Cigar Community main task to ensure that product mostly from Caribbean are original, nowadays there are so many counterfeit product. Also community job is to make sure quality, manufacture process, export and import product, preserving the heritage, ensure and continuing of the brands.

Some cigars are made for local taste, some are made for export quality. But don’t get fooled, some company are trying to sell with high value but as a standard quality. This happened cause of demand of export, or they are trying to acquire high profit. Some are fraud with fabricate the label. This is why communities are to be needed.

Counterfeit products are main reason causing decrease popularity of it’s cigar. As community, they will clarify to each manufactures.

Here some example of Caribbean cigar community

procigar image

Procigar , formed in 1992 by member of Dominican cigar manufactures. They working as main job as Caribbean cigar community. They commit to sustain their product, and put community procigar seal as a their sign to showing that it passed to quality control. Each member of the company have to commit and uphold the established guidelines. Old craftsmanship has been refined and perfected into new meaning. Cigar manufacture have no equal. Their accomplish is to bring Dominican cigar manufacture to be known and has to be best quality standard.

Caribbean Christian Community or Forum

Caribbean Christian Community

Majority of religion in Caribbean is Christianity, takes about 84% of total population. There are many religions such as Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and many more. But as majority, it growth with community spread around Caribbean. Here are some Christian communities in Caribbean country

Caribbean Christian Fellowship

Located in Basseterre, Caribbean Christian Fellowship is an extension from body of Jesus Christ. CCF is an affiliation from Christian Church Calvary Chapel in St. Kitts. The CCF begin as a small group of students, gathering, wishing to fellowship and learn about Jesus Christ. CCF believed Jesus strategically positioned on this isle to minister and disciple people. CCF hope can share and spread love of Jesus on this island and wherever in the world, with member of CCF can go throughout their lives and continue to spread Jesus Christ love. CCF also partner with Christian Veterinary Mission in order to send CCF member to further equip and sending short-term missions. CCF also partner with ministry / government to spread the love of Christ locally and widely.

Caribbean Youth Network

Caribbean Youth Network based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. CYN is non-profit organization focus on serving youth of the love of Jesus Christ. The main objective of this community is to serve an international mission organization to planting, partnering, and networking of relational without compromising the gospel message. As an organization that self-governed, self-supported, self-propagating also realized of expressing the ways cultural meaningful, CYN has main core value which to engage partnership, observe, develop. CYN also partnership with Bahamas Youth Network, Camp Bahamas, St. Andrew Presbyterian Kirk church, Milagros Scholarship.

Caribbean Christian Center of the Deaf 

Caribbean Christian Center of the Deaf have main objective to spread, teach, reach, and nurture the deaf of Jamaica, so people over there can experience the joy of Jesus, knowing and also serve to others. Caribbean Christian Center of the Deaf location are in Montego Bay Campus, Jamaica Deaf Village, Knockpatrick Campus, Kingston Campus.