Caribbean Christian Community or Forum

Caribbean Christian Community

Majority of religion in Caribbean is Christianity, takes about 84% of total population. There are many religions such as Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and many more. But as majority, it growth with community spread around Caribbean. Here are some Christian communities in Caribbean country

Caribbean Christian Fellowship

Located in Basseterre, Caribbean Christian Fellowship is an extension from body of Jesus Christ. CCF is an affiliation from Christian Church Calvary Chapel in St. Kitts. The CCF begin as a small group of students, gathering, wishing to fellowship and learn about Jesus Christ. CCF believed Jesus strategically positioned on this isle to minister and disciple people. CCF hope can share and spread love of Jesus on this island and wherever in the world, with member of CCF can go throughout their lives and continue to spread Jesus Christ love. CCF also partner with Christian Veterinary Mission in order to send CCF member to further equip and sending short-term missions. CCF also partner with ministry / government to spread the love of Christ locally and widely.

Caribbean Youth Network

Caribbean Youth Network based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. CYN is non-profit organization focus on serving youth of the love of Jesus Christ. The main objective of this community is to serve an international mission organization to planting, partnering, and networking of relational without compromising the gospel message. As an organization that self-governed, self-supported, self-propagating also realized of expressing the ways cultural meaningful, CYN has main core value which to engage partnership, observe, develop. CYN also partnership with Bahamas Youth Network, Camp Bahamas, St. Andrew Presbyterian Kirk church, Milagros Scholarship.

Caribbean Christian Center of the Deaf 

Caribbean Christian Center of the Deaf have main objective to spread, teach, reach, and nurture the deaf of Jamaica, so people over there can experience the joy of Jesus, knowing and also serve to others. Caribbean Christian Center of the Deaf location are in Montego Bay Campus, Jamaica Deaf Village, Knockpatrick Campus, Kingston Campus.