Caribbean Cigar Community

Cigar Caribbean

Caribbean cigar is one famous thing you may heard about Caribbean country. It usually handmade and has good quality control, it might be expensive and exclusive. But Caribbean cigar community main objective is to make sure of authenticity, maintain quality production, keeping history of each company, and protecting the cigar company.

Before we talk about cigar community, we all must know that cigar is mainly produced in Caribbean Cigar are made from tobacco leaf, fermented and dried with variety of size and shape, some include filter, wrapper leaf, or logo stamp printed. There are many variety of taste, depend on personal taste.

Caribbean Cigar Community main task to ensure that product mostly from Caribbean are original, nowadays there are so many counterfeit product. Also community job is to make sure quality, manufacture process, export and import product, preserving the heritage, ensure and continuing of the brands.

Some cigars are made for local taste, some are made for export quality. But don’t get fooled, some company are trying to sell with high value but as a standard quality. This happened cause of demand of export, or they are trying to acquire high profit. Some are fraud with fabricate the label. This is why communities are to be needed.

Counterfeit products are main reason causing decrease popularity of it’s cigar. As community, they will clarify to each manufactures.

Here some example of Caribbean cigar community

procigar image

Procigar , formed in 1992 by member of Dominican cigar manufactures. They working as main job as Caribbean cigar community. They commit to sustain their product, and put community procigar seal as a their sign to showing that it passed to quality control. Each member of the company have to commit and uphold the established guidelines. Old craftsmanship has been refined and perfected into new meaning. Cigar manufacture have no equal. Their accomplish is to bring Dominican cigar manufacture to be known and has to be best quality standard.