5 Movies that make you want to visit the Caribbean

As the Hollywood scene and location that radiates of the romantic tropical island, most of them will turn to the Caribbean. And it seems that their choice wasn’t wrong, some films produced in the Caribbean managed to attract a wider audience by sharing stories about the islanders, culture, and local music that infused with global tren.

When you are bored at home and crave for a vacation to the Caribbean, you could prepare some tea/coffee with some snacks while watching the films set in the Caribbean. Here are some movies that are set in the Caribbean.

Pirates of the Caribbean

There is not much more interesting story than Pirates, yes it’s Pirates of the Caribbean. Almost everyone knew about this movie produced by Disney and the story about Captain Jack Sparrow. This comes in the tetralogy series. The location was set in the Caribbean island to include, Dominican Republik, Bahamas, St. Vincent, And Puerto Rico.

James Bond Movies

James Bond Movies is a very strong element of exotic places and the majority producer is choosing the Caribbean island for its scene. The scene isn’t exactly for the action part of the movie, but for relaxing, chatting, or you know what will James do with his lady. There are 7 movie series of James Bond that shoot in the Caribbean.

One of the most noticeable movies based on Ian Flemming is GoldenEye. In this movie, there is a resort on the cliff and it’s very exclusive in Oracabessa village. That’s why Jamaican is very pop out from this title.

Fool’s Gold

Treasure hunter Ben Finnegan plays by Matthew McConaughey has canceled his marriage to Tess play by Kate Hudson due to his obsessive quest to find the legendary sunken Spanish Treasure ship. He drags Tess into his journey along with her boss. The movie was set location in Queensland Australia but actually, the story was telling about the Bahamas.

How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Sikka (Angela Bassett) takes a vacation trip with her best friend Delilah (Whoopi Goldberg) for some fun in the sun in Jamaica, after giving up her grueling job as a stockbroker. 40 years old workaholic has a close relationship with Winston (Taye Diggs), a handsome man in his 20s. The Story Continues in California when Stella learns her true feelings for a younger man and a new direction in her life. Story and set movies are located in Jamaica.

Into The Blue

This film also tells about a treasure hunt. Sam (Jessica Alba) and Jared (Paul Walker) search for a sunken treasure in the Bahamas. One of the dive scenes in this film will make you want to go scuba diving, they find a crashed plane full of cocaine beside a famous wreck. This discovery complicates the search for treasure as drug dealers are also trying to find treasure on their own. This movie was set in the Bahamas.