Caribbean Music Culture

There are so many variety of music genre in Caribbean, from reggae, salsa, mombo, calypso, bachata, ska, Benna, Bari, Quimbe, Tumbe, Shanto, Compas, Meringue, Mizik rasin, Mento, Afro-caribbean.

Caribbean Music

Music from Caribbean is influenced from African, Indian, European, Indigenous influence. Mostly descendant from African slaves also contributed from community like Indo-Caribbean Music. It also related to style from Central American and South American.

We will explain most popular music in Caribbean.


Originated from Jamaica in late 60s. Reggae is a denote music style infused from jazz, mento, blues. Reggae bubbled to recognition of international music in 1972. Reggae also one of biggest music that spread through the world, it recognized in UNESCO as representative list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2018.


This music genre is come from Jamaica in late 50s. it was pioneer to rocksteady and reggae combine with element of Caribbean mento, calypso, American Jazz, Rhythm and blues. There are 2 type of ska, original ska from Jamaica, or ska from England. England ska is more fused with harder edge and punk rock.


Calypso is an Afro-Caribbean music that originated from Trinidad and Tobago in early mid 19th century. It spread through Antilles and Venezuela by mid 20th century. The music characterize by harmonic vocal, highly rhythmic.

Chante Mas

Chante mas or lapo kabrit is a form of carnival music of Dominican. Constructed as pre-calypso style of rhythm , chante mas usually perform in a responsorial by partygoers. Lyric are usually about gossip, scandal, innuendo. While lapo kabrit is accompaniment of chante mas performer, lapo kabrit usually chanting the music with bass.


Meringue is a music originated from Haiti in mid 1800s. Haitian Meringue is one of the oldest music in Caribbean and still surviving these days. It’s a symbol of national rhythm, fusion from slave music genres and French-Haitian. But meringue has lost popularity to konpa.