Caribbean Sea Conservancy Forum


Caribbean sea is located between U.S, Mexican, South American and the Caribbean with numerous islands. It was named from Native American derives from caribs, one of native tribe. After Christopher Colombus landed in Bahamas in 1492, the Spanish term of Antillas apply to the land and sea called as Sea of Antilles. Later on it become commonly as Caribbean Sea.

Caribbean coral reefs is 9% of total covering of the world, It’s about 50.000 km2. Most of reefs are located in central of the sea, among them stands out Belize Barrier Reef with an area of 950 km2, which declared a World Heritage site in 1996. Great Mayan Reef also known as MBRS have area about 1.000 km2, the world second longest reef in coastal of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras.

In past ten years, Caribbean coral reefs were threatened. Because of climate change, temperature in the Caribbean were increase that makes living organism called zooxanthellae died. This organism is provided as food and nutrition for the coral itself. As humanity come place, we make community to preserve the coral. These are example for the Caribbean sea conservancy community / forum.

Ocean Conservancy

In 1971, International Whaling commission was meeting in Washington, D.C. inspired Bill to made the Delta Corporation, which later became Ocean Conservancy. Main challenge to protect ocean from global thread, and find solution with science-based.

UN Environment

UN Environment founded in the Caribbean Environment Programme in 1981. It purpose to recognition and find importance of the wider Caribbean sea region.

Adopted from Cartagena convention on march 1983. Cartagena convention is. It protect and develop of the marine environment with provide legal framework.

Main objective, Detect and control environment pollution, protect wild life, education, training, awareness, and communication.

The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy

It is non-profit conservancy. It founded in U.S in 1951. With millions of member, and scientist around the world, our mission is to conserve and balancing the nature of life.