Spanish Community in Caribbean

Spanish Community

History from Spanish West Indies was former of Spanish colonies in the Caribbean islands. The Indies are designated for all overseas territories was overseen by Council of Indies. In 1535, The island of Caribbean were under jurisdiction of Viceroyalty of New Spain. Later the islands became Spanish West Indies of the voyages and expedition of Christopher Colombus in America. The lands get permanently colonized by Spanish, and due to familiarity and Spaniard gained, it got the most enduring part of Spanish American Empire.

Majority of sovereign state in Caribbean are speak Spanish. The island that claimed from Spanish West Indies or the Spanish Antilles are all we know as Caribbean sovereign state.

Nowadays the main political entity of Spanish are in Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela. The community are main part of major role to conserve Spanish culture, language, and history. As a football-loving country, they also really like a variety of activities from watching football and gambling. In gambling, they championed the Spanish football team in big events like the world cup or European cup. For some people in general, soccer gambling is a natural thing. Some agents such as SBOBET, HokiPanda, IBCBET, Mansion88, 188bet are a list of trusted football agents. Here are some example of Spanish communities in Caribbean

CELAC ( Community of Latin American and Caribbean States )

CELAC ( Comunidad des Estados LatinoAmericanos y Caribenos) is intergovernmental community mechanism for dialogue and political agreement. It’s regional forum under 33 countries in Latin America and Caribbean. CELAC aspire the voice, and structured decision making, policy decisions in political and cooperation. It also support regional integration programs, unity, carefully balancing of political purpose, economical, social, cultural diversity of Latin America and Caribbean.

CELAC also takes act as spokesman for the community with other countries and regional bloc. The forming countries of CELAC are all Caribbean Sovereign State, and some central American country.

LALCC ( Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Center )

LALCC main objective is to promotes and understanding also appreciation of history, social, and cultural life of Latin American and Caribbean societies. It’s based on educational purpose, based in Central Connecticut university in 1995. LALCC also protect diversity from student population.

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