The Caribbean, Tropical Paradise That Many People Don’t Know Yet

Caribbean Islands may have often been heard by people around the world, but there are still many people who do not know and dare to vacation to this paradise. The Caribbean Islands are located along the Caribbean Sea and are located near Florida and Venezuela. although maybe in Indonesia as a fellow tropical country we have a lot of tourist destinations that are no less interesting to the Caribbean islands, but it never hurts us to try a vacation here. Because it turns out the Caribbean has a lot of interesting spots that we want to visit. Because maybe many people don’t know and are familiar with the Caribbean islands. Also because of the many islands and destinations that we can visit, so that’s why we will try to help discuss some of the popular destinations in the islands. Hope after this discussion, you can choose where you will go on your vacation. Enjoy!

  1. Jamaica

The whole world should already know about Bob Marley, yes this legendary reggae musician is certainly known throughout the world and he is from Jamaica. And indeed this country is also famous for its music, namely reggae, ska and dance hall. You will find this music if you are on holiday in Jamaica and will accompany you to festivals or celebrations throughout the year in Jamaica. You will also definitely find it often in places to eat or other places where the crowd. Besides its music, Jamaica itself is also famous for its sport, also the sea and its natural beauty.

Various types of sporting events held in Jamaica is also one of the reasons that many people come to this paradise island. Many people in the world will come and try many different sports here, and If you are a hobby for cycling here in Jamaica also available paths that will surely make you all amazed. You will be taken to luscious forests and rain forests which will surely give you a perfect new experience. Besides, there are certainly many culinary delights that can be enjoyed here. You will be spoiled with the famous jerk spice, Jamaican coffee which is claimed to be the best in the Caribbean and also the classic Red Stripe Beer which is worth trying. For its natural beauty, it is the sea and the tourist attractions you have to visit. These tourists come from various countries who like to travel. They come from various backgrounds such as private employees, gambling business people, and freelancers. We call it gambling entrepreneurs at who’s purpose is to take a vacation with family and coworkers. Their gambling business has been around for a long time and has been successful in the Asian market. In this place, What are you waiting for soon you visit this country because it is certain that the money you spend to get here will not be in vain?

  1. Barbados

The country which is the birthplace of singer Rihanna is a country that has been famous for its natural beauty. The country has many small islands around it and has a habitat for various species of fish such as flying fish, swordfish, and also kingfish. For those of you who have a hobby of fishing, it is suitable for a vacation here because here is one of the paradises for anglers from all over the world. Besides being clear because of the beauty of the beach and the beauty of the sea and its contents, Barbados holds a crop over festival events every June. This festival has been going on since 1688 which was originally an event to celebrate the harvest of sugar cane. At each of these festivals, a lot of events are held ranging from rum drinking parties and also competitions to climb the pole covered in oil.

These are only two of the several destinations we have summarized. For the next destination, we will discuss this in our next article. Are you interested in a vacation to the Caribbean Islands? we are waiting for a review from all of your friends. Don’t forget to send your review to us so we can review and share it with other friends. Have a good vacation!

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